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Teapot + Two cups

Hand-thrown teaware set in the Korean buncheong style, made of wild clays from the Sierra Nevada range. Dipped in white slip and finished with a rice straw ash glaze made by processing byproduct rice straw from an Organic Japanese rice farm in California. This particular teapot features a smaller volume for multiple steepings of loose leaf tea, welcoming more interaction and providing space for conversation or contemplation. The volume of the pot is just right to fill both cups in order to prevent over-steeping your leaves. Ideal for home or travel for two. This glaze will develop a subtle patina with use. 


Main teapot 9cm W; 7cm H  (appx 3.5in x 2.75in) |  Cups 7.5cm x 5cm

Weight (3pcs): 370g

Glaze: Rice Straw Ash

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