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Oval vase in a foraged iron glaze I

Hand coiled and built on a kick wheel using the onggi method I learned in Korea, this series takes inspiration from antique paddled forms from China and Korea in pursuit of a more voluminous and loose rendition to a classic flattened bottle form. The finish is made using foraged iron magnetite slowly gathered throughout the year with a strong magnet from natural rivers and beaches of Sierra Nevada and coastal waters. Blended with a locally sourced almond wood ash that is also prepared in the ancient way. Reduction fired and slow cooled. Watertight, ideal for wet or dry flower arrangements, or as a stand-alone piece.

Dimensions  28cm W; 28cm H 18cm D (appx 11in x 11in x 8in)

Weight: 3280g

Glaze: Iron Cheol-yu

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