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Teabowl in Almond Ash Glaze

Hand-thrown bowl in the Korean "Dombeong" buncheong style, made of wild clays from the Sierra Nevada range. Dipped in white slip and finished in a glaze made from Almond Ash sustainably harvested from local sources. This particular bowl features classic ash glaze quality of rich semi-matteness. Ash glazes with a high ash content like this one often show cascading rivulets of glass that form when the ash melts in the glaze, traveling according to gravity and adding movement to the form. This piece is blessed with a single, unapologetic iron blossom on the interior. The natural glaze will develop a subtle patina with use. 

Dimensions  16cm W; 7cm H  (appx 6.25in x 2.75in)

Weight: 320g

Glaze: Almond Ash

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