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Ju-byeong Set

Wheel thrown using hand foraged clays and ashes processed in my studio. These antique forms invite slowing down to take part in small rituals. This series was glazed with natural ashes and local kaolin, in this case a mix of rice straw ash and wood ash, providing warmer pastel hues. Known in Korean as Ju-byeong or "spirit bottle" This is a smaller more personal interpretation of a classically larger form.

Ideal for spirits, or the set can be split up into a bud vase and two tea vessels. Set includes two drinking vessels. Watertight and food safe. The ash glaze will develop a subtle patina with use. Hand wash only.

 Approximate Dimensions 

Pouring bottle: 10cm W x 13cm H (4in W x 5in H)

Cups 6.5cm W x 5cm H (2.5in W x 2in H)

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