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Single Rim Plate, Straw Ash

Wheel thrown and trimmed with a bamboo knife. Made in the spirit of Korean buncheong with wild clays foraged and processed entirely by hand in my studio.

My first endeavor into plates, for this series I did not measure any diameter in the making, rather starting with equal weights of clay for each piece and allowing each form to be free and without hesitation. The only instruction I gave my hands was to make a plate I'd enjoy eating from every day. The variations of rim and foot are intentionally left natural in order to explore subtleties of style. I've made a few pairings such as this, which I feel go well together. Some plates in the collection are single, others paired in sets of two to four. 

Finished in various glaze combinations of feldspar, almond wood ash and clay. For these plates I used a coarse clay body formulated specifically for the series with naturally occurring impurities that have burned through the slip and glaze during reduction firing revealing iron blushing in some areas. Each piece is different yet shares the same spirit.

Price reflects 1 plate, Approx. Dimensions:  25cm W; 3cm H  (appx 10in x 1.5in)

Care: Hand wash recommended for longevity.

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