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Teabowl, Deombeong White

This hand thrown teabowl was coated in slip with the Korean deombeong technique. Typical of deombeong, the form is nearly completely covered, save for a small area that escapes the pour, remaining dark and revealing the nature of the clay underneath.

Finished with a simple feldspar and ash glaze designed to intentionally show patina with continued use. Ideal for matcha ritual. Comfortable to use in the hands and a smooth interior shape prolongs whisk longevity.  Impurities have burned through to reveal iron spotting. Slightly taller and narrower may appeal to those who prefer this proportion for tea.

Made from foraged clays processed by hand in my studio.  

Dimensions 10.5cm  x 8cm (4in W x 3.75in H)

Care: Hand wash

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