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Serving Bowl, Blue Grey

Wheel thrown and trimmed with a bamboo knife. Made in the spirit of Korean buncheong with wild clays foraged and processed by hand in my studio. An antique Joseon vibe on this one as it is nearly completely covered in white slip, softening the form visually. Finished in a simple glaze made with feldspar and almond wood ash.

This particular bowl features a white clay slip made from a single origin of kaolin found within the seam of clay used for the body. Higher in minerals, the usual white color is a few shades darker, a lovely shade between white, grey, blue, and purple. Naturally occurring impurities have burned through the slip and glaze during reduction firing revealing iron blushing in some areas. Excellent as a utilitarian serving bowl. 

Dimensions:  17cm W; 9cm H  (appx 6.5in x 3.5in)

Care: Hand wash

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