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Serving Bowl, Ash

Wheel thrown and trimmed with a bamboo knife. Made in the free spirit of Korean buncheong with wild clays foraged and processed by hand in my studio. Finished in a simple glaze made with almond wood ash. The soft green hue originates from the constituents taken up by the tree over the course of its lifetime, remaining in the wood ash as unburned trace iron, phosphorus and other minerals. These reveal themselves as a natural pigment in the glaze visible against the backdrop of white slip. 

This particular bowl features an quiet, timeless matte surface resulting from slow cooling the ash glaze, a sought after quality common in antique ware. Excellent as a salad, ramen, fruit or serving bowl. The glaze will develop a beautiful patina with use. 

Dimensions:  27cm W; 10cm H  (appx 10.5in x 4in)

Care: Hand wash

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