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Spouted Serving Bowl, Ash

Wheel thrown, altered, and trimmed with a bamboo knife. Made in the free spirit of Korean buncheong with wild clays foraged and processed by hand in my studio. A common form in East Asia for serving just like an ordinary bowl, the spout can but does not necessarily need to be used. One may find salad spoons fit nicely there, or when serving soup from it, a ladle finding its natural resting place leaning into the spout.

These forms are a challenge to make as wider forms like these tend to collapse when nearly completely covered in white slip. Finished in a simple glaze made with feldspar and almond wood ash. This particular bowl features a finer clay blend with naturally occurring iron blushes. The glaze will develop a beautiful patina with continued use. 

Dimensions:  27.5cm W; 10cm H  (appx 10.5in x 4in)

Care: Hand wash

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